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Blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan By Top 5 Brands

New Blessed Friday Sale 2022-23 is live now and is providing a huge discount on all leading outfit brands of Pakistan. In addition, this sale is also giving an opportunity to get a new look this Friday at half rate Blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan.

Top and leading fashion brands of Pakistan including Junaid Jamshed, So Kamal, Motifz, Edenrobe, and Maria B are giving this new blessed Friday sale. Shop online and get a discount on winter outfits via this new sale.

Have you ever heard about the blessed Friday sale? If yes! Then here we will add a few words that will definitely make your day. Basically, the blessed Friday sale is given by top brands on Friday days &  nights to celebrate the holy day of Friday in Pakistan.

Blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan

Top brands of Pakistan are giving 50% discount on winter plain, embroidered, formal, and casual dresses. In addition, these dresses are made up of khaddar, and linen. Jacquard, velvet, and marina Blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan.

The top stuff that is making this winter-blessed Friday sale more vibrant is karandi stuff dresses. These karandi stuff dresses are new in the market and have never been seen before in public.

List of those brands with blessed Friday sale:

  • Alkaram
  • Bareeze
  • Maria B
  • So Kamal
  • Khaadi
  • Edenrobe
  • Motifz
  • Sapphire

Now I will describe each sale of these top brands separately with their respective sale percentage and online shopping links.

Alkaram Blessed Friday Sale

First, we talk about Alkaram Studio. As always, this brand is launching a new collection called Blessed Friday. In which stitched and unstitched three-piece Khadhar and velvet suits have been brought. The price of the following sale dresses is also quite low. Moreover, this sale is available on the online website.

Bareeze Blessed Friday Collection

Bareeze blessed Friday collection 2023 online Yes, this sale special is launched on the arrival of the winter season where you will find dresses in many wonderful designs. However, if you want to buy embroidered dresses, they are also available which have been prepared with great care. I will give some pics of the suits and a link to where you will buy the new collection.

Maria B Blessed Friday Sale 2023

All dresses are new in Maria B’s Friday sale. Where you will also find winter-season dresses for kids which are stitched. Velvet suits for women are being worn more in the winter season. I will also advise you to buy from maria b a new sale for yourself and your children.

So Kamal Blessed Friday New Arrival Sale

As you all know, if the name of the brand is kamal, then you can think for yourself. Isn’t the new collection of this brand amazing? Yes, absolutely the best sale has been put on So Kamal Clothing brand, where winter clothes are available for sale at absolutely reasonable prices. Order a dress from So Kamal new luxury collection from your mobile now.

Khaadi Greet Friday Sale 2023

This new sale has also been launch on the Khaadi clothing brand. Where you will be given a 55% discount on every dress, this sale is also in the Khaadi store See More

Edenrobe Blessed Friday Sale

Edenrobe has also brought the blessed Friday sale this time. From where you have children’s dresses, men’s dresses, and girls’ embroidered suits, sales have been made on these colored suits for men.

Motifz Sale Blessed Friday

This blessed Friday sale is online like all the clothing brands in Pakistan. All of them are starting this sale on their official brand. While every brand is giving discount prices in this sale, motifz clothing brand has also given a 50% to 50% discount.

Sapphire Blessed Friday Sale 2023

With the arrival of new khaddar suits, the Saphire brand has also started a new sale with the name Blessed Friday Sale. This sale contains the best stuff for winter days. The color scheme (combination) use in this sale is also new in the market and has never been seen before. Hence shop the new dresses from sapphire.

J. Jamshed Blessed Friday Sale Online 2023

Junaid Jamshed brand has also given its new collection for sale in this sale. They have also given a 60% discount on some suits. This is a great offer. Men’s in-seam dresses are also available. To see more new collections visit our website home page where many dresses are included.

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