Borjan Shoes Summer Sale 2024 Flat 60% Off With Price

Borjan Shoes Summer Sale 2024 – After the clothing brand we are informing you about all shoe brands’ summer sales. I will also keep you informed with the complete details of the brand’s new collection. This time there are discount sales and the latest shoes in the Borjan shoes collection.

It includes men’s shoes in every article and women’s shoes, whose prices and details will be found here. Up to 60% discount has been give on all these shoes. All these shoes are sold at Borjan Shoes online store. Where you will also go shopping. Apart from borjan shoes, a new collection of handbags has also come. But I am making a post about shoes so I will give the details.

Office shoes, school shoes, and other formal shoes. Which we also call fancy style shows. In the summer season, men mostly like to wear sandals because of their openness, which is the best. Most of the shoes in this sale are open-style.

Borjan Shoes Summer Sale 2024

Borjan Shoes Summer Sale 2024 This sale has started and this sale will continue from Feb 8 to Feb 25. After that, this offer will end. After that, there will be summer and clearance collections on which discounts will be given again. Borjan brand shoes are very popular in Pakistan and people love to buy and wear them.

There are sandals for men in every color and size. Its price is also relatively low and also a 60% discount was given by Borjan Shoes. It is one of the top shoe brands in Pakistan. On which the sale has started. So hurry up, lest all the shoe sale ends.




Rs: 1,900/-

PKR: 2,900/-


PKR: 3,900/-









Kids Kapray Conclusion

The winning shoes I have seen in this sale are the best and are made of very good materials. You can wear these shoes which will neither break quickly nor get damaged in the water. If you use it as you want, the shoe will not break. Therefore, I will advise all customers. Shop from this and you will get all kinds of shoes from the Borjan brand.