Diners Quaid Day Sale 2023 Upto 30% Off

Diners Quaid Day Sale 2023- Welcome to the new winter sale of the Diners clothing brand. As all you customers know this. Jinnah day sale All the clothing brands of Pakistan are starting this sale on their websites and stores. Some have done and some are doing it. In this, the sale has also started on the diners brand. Which includes all kinds of collections of winter season kids’ women’s and men’s winter suits. Jackets pants shirts shalwar kameez and all.

Children’s clothing includes pants, shirts, jackets, sweaters, fancy frocks, and shalwar kameez for girls. Some of which I have give a pic and some of which are left, you can see them from the official website Diners Quaid Day Sale 2023.

Among the clothes that are includ in men’s suits are fancy shalwar kameez and stitched suits in every style. Dress pants shirts waistcoats leather jackets and all the other suits you need. You will get up to 30% discount on every suit.

Diners Quaid Day Sale 2023

Women’s dresses are also great with the discount sale. If you also want to shop from this new sale on the arrival of the New Year, then do it now from Diner’s Jinnah Day Sale 2023 Online.

Further down kid’s clothes are also include in this sale. The designs that you may not have seen before today because these designs are absolutely the latest Diners Quaid Day Sale 2023.

PKR 4,999/-


PKR 5999/-


PKR 3987/-

Kids Kapray

These are all Kapray kids in different styles. These are Kapray Garam which you can wear in very cold weather. All these clothes have seals.

PKR 2987/-




PKR 2987/-


Jinnah Day Sale Men’s Clothes

All men’s suits are ready for sale. You also take the suit of your choice which you like the most. Men’s clothes will look like this when they are sewn.



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