Equator Stores Blessed Friday Sale 2023 Flat 20% Off

Equator Stores Blessed Friday Sale 2023 sale of men’s new dresses. All the dresses are for the winter season. In three-piece two-piece and oriental-style dresses, you will get a 20% discount on this sale. You want to buy pants shirts or jackets to wear in the winter season. So buy from the Equator store.

In this sale of Blessed Friday, a discount offer has been give on winter dresses. Which includes jersey sweaters and jackets. Now visit the online store from your mobile and select. What kind of dress do you want from this great Friday sale?

From this online store, you will get men’s dresses at a low price. The dresses included in this sale include pants shirts and other winter season dresses available at a 20% discount. If you also want to shop for the winter season, do it from the same blessed Friday sale.

Equator Stores Blessed Friday Sale 2023

This brand only sells all men’s dresses. This brand has online stores and shops in every major city. From where you will be given all the dresses of this sale at the same price. Apart from this, they also provide you the facility of home delivery if you order Equator Stores Blessed Friday Sale 2023.

In this winter season, you will find many new designs and colors of jackets. You should visit the store to select it. Where all designer jackets are available. Apart from this, a 20% discount has also been given on the price of shirts.

Rs: 18,600/-



Sweat Shirt

Price: 3,912/-

Black & Grey Sleeveless Sweater

PKR: 4,790/-

Navy Sleeveless Jacket

Price: 6,792/-

PKR: 3,192/-



Kids Kapray Result

In my opinion, no other online store is better than Equator. Shop online and get your order at your doorstep. This online store deals with the best men’s clothing. Men’s winter collection of formal and casual wear is available in this store at a wide range at affordable prices.

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