Orient Season End Sale 2024 Upto 50% Off With Price

Orient Season End Sale 2024 – Today’s post has a brand. Orient is brand new. This collection of his has come in the summer market. You can see. Three pieces are two-piece suits. colorful clothes very nice dress. Apart from this, you can wear these clothes in summer as well. It is the clothes that are so glorious. Summer season-end sales have started, and every category of dress is available for sale on all clothing brands. Customers are coming. Going to buy a suit of your choice, the brands have also maintained the same trend.

Available online on the website and in the shop. There are shops in every city in Pakistan. If you want, take it from the shop. There will be the same price. And the online price is also the same. This sale of Orient is the season-end sale of 2024. Do you also want to buy summer-season dresses? So shop now from this summer sale 2024, lest the suit of your choice is sold out.

One of the famous brands in Pakistan. You have to pick clothes for your kids. Or you want to buy a summer suit for a man. So they are also available. You must try. And let your friends know about this sale. There is also a 50% discount on every suit. A big discount has been give on three-piece suits. Similarly, a 20% discount has been give on two-piece suits. Every category of the suit is available here. On which discount has been give according to their price.

Orient Season End Sale 2024

At Orient Summer Sale you will get stitched and unstitched clothes at good prices. Today is the era of online. Everyone selects the dress. and gives the order. Which does not cause much trouble. You must also try. Three-piece and two-piece dresses will be provided to you in unstitch. After that, you will get these dresses stitched according to your size Orient Season End Sale 2024.

If you want, you can get unstitched clothes. And after that make some more good designs from Taylor. It will be your own choice. Very cute suit. And on that design will be selected and made. So that suit will be much more magnificent. The sale has been released in this sale, Order the dress of your choice from the online store today or buy a suit of this brand from your nearest shop.

Piece: 3PC Suit Unstitch

Price: 3,192/-

Color: Blue

Stuff: Cambric Shirt & Lawn Dupatta

Color: Green Suit

Digital Print Suit

Piece: 3PC Suit

Price: 3,192/-

Fabric: Cambric Shirt Trousers & Lawn Dupatta

Rs: 3,192/-

Piece: 3PC Suit Unstitch

Rs: 3,192/-

Unstitch Dress 3PC

Stuff: Cambric & Lawn

2PC Digital Print Lawn Shirt

Rs: 2,303/-

Fabric: Print Lawn Shirt & Chiffon Dupatta

PKR: 2,303/-

PKR: 2,303/-

Stuff: Print Shit & Chiffon Dupatta

Price: 2,303/-

Color: Multi Shirt White Trouser

Fabric: Chiffon Dupatta Digital Print Shirt

2PC Suit Unstitch Collection

Kids Orient Season End Sale 2024

You will also find kids’ clothes here. And the chance to see more good clothes. These clothes are so nice. That is according to the choice of children. Apart from this, today’s children also demand fancy suits. So make sure you shop from the Orient brand and see.

Stuff: Digital Print Shit & Lawn Pant

Piece: 2PC Suit Stitch

Price: 3,990/-

Rs: 3,990/-

Piece 2PC Dress Stitch

Digital Print Shirt & Print Trouser

Rs: 3,990/-

Print Shirt

2PC Stitch Suit

Piece: 2PC Stitch Suit

PKR: 3,889/-

Digital Print Shirt And Trouser

Price: 3,990/-

Stitch Suit

Stuff: Digital Print Shirt And Print Pant

Unstitch Season End Sale Dresses

This is the dress you are looking at. These clothes are in stitches. It all suits me. Their print is such that it is known. The embroidery work has been done. But no, this embroidery work was not done. It’s all about the amazing print. A print suit is the main point of beauty. Which proves to be very useful.

Print Lawn Shirt and Chiffon Dupatta

Rs: 2,632/-

Piece: 2PC Unstitch

Rs: 2,632/-

Piece: 2PC Un-stitch

Fabric Lawn Collection

Fabric: Lawn Collection

Price: 2,632/-

Stuff: Lawn Collection

Piece: 2PC Suit

Unstitch Dress

PKR: 2,366/-

Stuff: Lawn Collection Sale

50% Discount On Stock

Getting a 50% discount is no small feat. So don’t delay now. And order online now. Most of the dresses are unstitched. There are three-piece suits. The branded suit is in a new style. You will also get new ideas from here.

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