Phulkari Summer Clearance Sale 30% Off 2022

Phulkari Sale- Today Taana Baana brand has brought a new sale which is called Phalkari, this summer sale is a collection of these stitched dresses. In which you will find dresses in fancy designs, one of which has been prepared in the best way Phulkari Sale.

You will also get many design ideas on how to make the dress suitable for today. The Online Summer Sale 2022 has hit the market. You can get printed and non-printed suits as well. They have also become very popular.

Phulkari is giving you dresses in the summer sale at a 40% discount, this sale will be special for one week. After that it will be discontinued, now you are getting dresses at a low price. So, if you want, place the order now and you will have the suit in a couple of days. A party can also wear a dress at a wedding.

Phulkari Sale

Fruity summer lawn suit. The lawn collection has more in it. Printed lawn as well as draped in lawn or chiffon will make you look more three-piece suit collection. Girls have printed suits for you some have digital print too big. And no dress print is too big.

You can take them as you like. Just like today’s dresses look good on girls, these dresses are also similar. You will get good dresses at a low price if you want to buy them then order. Phulkari Sale.

Color: Off White

Price: 6,707

Pieces 3pc

Fabric: Un-stitched Printed Lawn

Color: Red & White

Price: 4,118/-

Pieces 2pc

Fabric: Un-stitched Printed Lawn

Summer Lawn

Spring summer collection best suits in lawn clothes. You know, when the heat is high, you have to dress up and wear it every day. So the dresses will be more. That’s why you are getting dresses at a discount.

Pieces: 3pc

Fabric: Unstitched Printed Lawn

PKR: 3,218/-

PRK: 2,543/-

Pieces 2pc

Printed Lawn Unstitched

Tana Bana

This collection is originally from the Tana Bana brand, which has been given a new name and the dresses have been brought to the market. Tana Bana brand does not need any definition for those who know. They know how best their dresses are. So order the suit from the online website.

2 Piece Suit


PKR 2,543/-

Printed Lawn

3 pc

PKR 3,218/-


Lawn suit

PKR 3,219/-


Color Red


2 pc

Price 2,219/-

Lawn suit

30% Off

We are also giving you a 40% discount on the price of each suit. Which is a great offer. If you want, see how much the actual price is. And here is how little. There is a special summer discount. It is in the range, you can take two or three dresses if they are not sold somewhere, I myself have taken three dresses for someone. Kayseria