Friday, February 23, 2024

Sania Maskatiya Summer & Eid Sale 2024 – With Price

Sania Maskatiya Summer & Eid Sale 2024 – Today I have brought a new collection of Sania clothing brands on which I will inform you, customers, with details about two collections at the same time. First, let me tell you about the summer lawn sale. Three-piece suits are unstitch print shirts and dupattas the suit and the shalwar are simple, and the stuff is also mad of lawn.

All the suits in the Eid collection have fancy designs and embroidery and pearl work on them. The design which is also creat by hand, you know how difficult this embroidery work is and it takes a lot of time to prepare a suit. But these suits are wear at festivals like parties, marriage, and Eid.

I will inform you about both collections in detail in a single post. And at the same time tell you that this sale has been start. If you also want to buy a Sania brand dress for yourself, then do it somewhere the sale dresses that you like are not sold. I will write down the price and the stuff of the dress so that you can understand which stuff belongs to which suit.

Sania Maskatiya Summer & Eid Sale 2024

As you all know, now Haj is going to start, and soon after that eid will happen. So you should do Eid shopping before Ramzan because there are many other things to do apart from fasting and other daily activities. So Eid shopping is not possible, so I will advise you to do it from the Sania Maskatiya brand where there are many new dresses.

And at the same time, you will have to take a simple suit. whose price is not too high and the dress is also beautiful. If you want to buy a stitch dress for yourself, you will get it in two pieces. whose shirt will be in print Sania Maskatiya Summer & Eid Sale 2024.

PKR 22,500/-

Rs 19,500/-


Rs 24,500/-

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You can buy from the brand’s shop and the online store. If you want to get a bridal dress for your wedding, then this brand has more than one beautiful dress available, which you can see by going to the online store. Party dresses are also similar in that embroide work has been done on them.

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