Sapphire Festive Collection 2024 Vol – 1 Ready To Wear

Sapphire Festive Collection 2024 Vol – 1 – The Festive Collection dresses are going on and all brands of summer lawn dresses are being sold. Along with this, the summer collection of the Sapphire brand has started today. Women’s dresses will be sales at a 50% discount. You will see that the sapphire brand will launch the most beautiful dresses on this defense day. The discount that you will give to all customers, so select a new suit for yourself now.

Two-piece and three-piece dresses are ready for sale in this summer collection 2024. The price of which is also very low and the dresses are all of the best quality. I hope you will also like this collection. And you will definitely buy a suit from this festive collection 2024. Three-piece and two-piece dresses are fancy and have been specially prepared for this festival in Pakistan.

The collection of this brand is available on the online store from where all the customers are shopping. Like every year, this summer 2024 is the best of the sapphire clothing brands. All the dresses are in digital print, and the sale continues on unstitched dresses. I have informed my customers of the concept and price of all the dresses. If you want more details about this collection, contact us in the comment box.

Sapphire Festive Collection 2024 Vol – 1

Due to the discount, the price of the suit will be lower now, so now I will give you the same advice. These dresses are best to wear in the summer season. You should shop from this sale and buy a dress for yourself. All the dresses are in fancy and beautiful designs which I hope you like Sapphire Festive Collection 2024 Vol – 1 This collection has been selected for the special festive day. Therefore, you also wear the Sapphire brand collection at this festival.

All color dresses are available for sale in this sale. Go and buy the dress you like the most now. Apart from the online store of this brand, there are also shops. This collection is being sold in the Sapphire summer sale 2024. Beautiful dress is being provided to you at a very low price, so visit the online store now.

PKR: 7,990/-

Fabric: Cambric Suit

Color: Red

Piece: 3PC Unstitch

Color: Pink

Rs: 11,990/-

2PC Unstitch Dress

Stuff: Raw Silk

Price: 4,590/-

Fabric: Cambric Suit

Color: Green

Piece: 2PC Unstitch

Color: Black Suit

PKR: 4,990/-

Fabric: Cambric

2PC Dress

PKR: 3,990/-

Suit: Digital Print Unstitch dress

Stuff: Raw Silk

2PC Dres

3PC Dress Un-stitch

Price: 9,990/-

PKR: 1,190/-

Unstitched 2PC

Color: Blue

Stuff: Cambric

Color:  Vintage Rose

PKR: 7,490/-

PC 3 Unstitched

Stuff: Embroidered Cambric Dress

PKR: 7,490/-

3 Piece Embroidered Multi Neps Suit

Color: Green

Rs: 3,990/-

2 Piece Suit Unstitch

Lawn Collection

3 Piece Embroidered Cotton Jacquard Unstitch Suit

PKR 7,490/-

Color: Khaki Yellow

PKR 7,240/-

3PC Unstitched Suit

PKR: 7,240/-


Fabric: Cambric

Color: Yellow

Unstitched 3-Piece

Color: Green

PKR: 6,790/-

Unstitched 3PC

Rs: 6,990/-

Color Black Unstitch

3PC Suits Lawn Collection



PKR: 2,990/-

Stuff: Lawn Suit

Kids Kapray Conclusion

I will advise you that these suits are selling fast. If you also want to buy a Sapphire brand summer lawn suit for yourself, then get it now. Because I know that after a few days, all these suits will be sol d Sapphire sale 2024.