Sapphire Winter Collection 2024 Sale 50% Off With Price

Sapphire Winter Collection 2024 – Hello, how are you Today I have brought a completely new collection which was launched in the market yesterday. Winter collection 2024. It has very cute and awesome dresses. Tell you which clothes are in this collection. Khaddar, Cotton, printed linen, karandi, these are all clothes Sapphire Winter Collection.

I will also write their price to you. Also, let me tell you as soon as the winter season starts. So most people wear Khaddar dresses. There are color combination dresses.

Let’s talk after that. Printed linen dresses are very beautiful and wonderful types of dresses. If you want to shop from this new collection. So contact us too. We can also send you.

Sapphire Winter Collection 2024

It also has sewn dresses. And there are also these stitches. You can order a dress as you wish. The price is slightly higher than the tailored suit. And the price of those that are not stitched is lower than theirs It is a completely new collection. And tomorrow is the launch.

The sapphire winter sale starts from January to May end. all dresses sale this sapphire winter of 2024. 50% discount on all winter suits. Khaddar’s dress. They are very good. And I like Khaddar’s dresses very much. First, the fabric is very good. And the feeling of cold in the winter season from above. It doesn’t happen. So you can see how cute Khaddar’s dresses are in Sapphire Winter.

Print Khaddar Shirt

PKR: 995/-

1PC Unstitch

Rs: 995/-

Khaddar Shirt

Piece: 1PC

Color: Multi

990/- Price

Unstitch Shirt 1PC

Print Shirt 1PC

Rs: 1,495/-

Stuff: Viscose Linen

PKR: 1,695/-

Fabric: Viscose Linen

Piece: 1PC Shirt

2PC Print Khaddar Suit

Rs: 2,995/-

Unstitched Khaddar Suit


PKR: 1,690/-






Cotton Dresses

This cloth is a new launch It is a thin cloth-like tissue. And handwork is also done on it. Its price and dresses are as much as they are. There is more to them. And I have given their samples in the post. You can mix it up.

Print dresses have come in very cute and new types of prints. In this collection. Above all clothes that have neck print. They are the best. Daily You can wear these dresses at parties, weddings, and other events in winter.

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