Shariq Textiles Eid Sale 60% Off 2022

Eid’s collection of Sharq Textile has come into the market with its arrival. You will get to see and wear new designs and dresses. This brand is a kind of factory for weaving dresses. In which all kinds of cloth are made. Shariq Textiles

And many are part of the clothing brand’s dress and partnership. whose dresses also have a name. So this collection will also be very good, so try it. Also, a 60% discount has been given on all these dresses.

Their print is affecting women the most. And she is happily taking these Eid dresses. These are stitched dresses. Shariq is also at the forefront of making textile dresses. Yes, the dresses of this brand are made from the same textile and then they are taken by different brands.

Shariq Textiles

Eid preparations are in full swing. I know that Eid is less than a week away. So get a dress of the same brand as soon as possible and give it to the tailor and get it ready a few days before, so that he doesn’t sew you because he has more Eid dresses.

You will find all the dresses online too. These are the dresses. And their price will be the same. Brand owners have these dresses in all the cities of Pakistan. Shariq Textiles

Eid Sale 2022

Present with Eid Sale 2022. All these suits you are seeing pics of. And apart from this, there are dresses with print and without print The fabric of the dress is a lawn

Spring Summer

Spring summer sale mostly uses soft and breathable fabric As you well know runs a lot in Pakistan. Their colors are very good and all kinds of colors are available. Zeen Eid Sale

60% Off

Eid sale And every suit are 60% off In the joy of Eid, we have also given you a discount.

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