Sifona New Collection 2022

Hello, how are you Welcome back to Kids Clothes. Today we have brought a new collection of Sifona brands. All suits are winter A collection of the finest and finest velvets Sifona New Collection.

The shirt and dress are of velvet And the shalwar is of lawn cloth. Simple shalwar And hand work on the dress and shirt.

Also, if he talks about the price, I will write each dress along with it. This cell has been install at the beginning of the New Year.

Sifona New Collection

the brand is an international brand That is also in every city in Pakistan. Branches are available Where all these suits are available. and are being Every color has a suit. Look how nice this purple suit is. Golden-color lace is unstitch

Canary work is also present on this lace Then on to the full suit. Worked with embroidery. The dress is decorate by mak small flowers The price of this suit is 8,550 rupees. Sifona New Collection

Online Sale

Yes, these suits are also being available online. Also on the Sifona brand website. All the dresses are there And the price is also written there They are also give a 50% discount on all.

Embroidery Dresses

All these suits have embroidery work. Winter has a good collection. You can use these dresses for parties and other events as well. And I believe. These dresses will not be less cute than any other dresses.

Velvet Three Piece Suit

All these suits are in three-piece and velvet fabric Apart from this, hand work has also been done on his cloth This is leading to increasing in the beauty of these dresses. Minnie Minor

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