Sobia & Nazir New Winter Sale 50%

Assalam Alaikum how are you members today we new collection sale of Sobia and Nazir brand which includes three-piece and two-piece suits and printed shirts Sobia & Nazir New Winter Sale.

Most of the suits that you can wear at weddings, the lawn suit is in such a cute print that a lot. Stitching and embroidery work has also been done on some of the dresses. The price of the suit is 2850 rupees.

Print shirts if you buy them. So you can wear it with a shirt or pants or wear it with tatis. are office girls. You are in accordance with the customs of Pakistan. It all suits.

Sobia & Nazir New Winter Sale

If any marriage is coming in your family. And you want to do all the family shopping. So I will advise you that Shobia Nazir will be the best brand. And more who do shopping.

this sale winter 2022. Sobia & nazir sale 50% Off . So they are given free home delivery Sobia & Nazir New Winter Sale.


The price is different for each suit. Who is a suit sewing embroidery? Its price is high. And that suit print is on the lawn. The price of this embroidered suit is low. There are also suits in cut pieces.

Unstitched Collection

All the suits are in the In Stitch collection. Online order and home delivery facilities are available. When you take the suit. So from this, you can select by looking at different designs.

Online Sale 50% Discount

50% discount on all these suits. Which is the suit rate. 50 percent of this will give you a discount on the brand of Sobia Nazir. From every city of Pakistan. You will find this suit easily. It is better. You can order online which suit you like best. Kashees Bridal Dresses