Taana Baana Pakistan Day Sale 2022

Fabric sale New sale has arrived for the summer season. In which there are beautiful dresses regarding Pakistan Day as well. Which are very beautiful and wonderful dresses. Three-piece suit. The great print floral design which I like very much. You will also take this suit. So it will look very cute, you can also buy it, it is selling online Taana Baana.

Pakistan Day It is selling on almost every brand. which are more popular Especially on them. Most of the brands are giving 50% discount. People are shopping. But this brand is no less. Their name is their quality. A very popular brand. You can see. There are three-piece suits.

You will also get a lawn suit for the summer season Both stitch and unstitch. The hem of the suit is too long. You will take it well. Most of the suits you may have seen have very short skirts. It is not like that, the fabric of the suit is full. Even after the suit is sewn, the cut piece of the fabric remains. With which you can make a suit with your daughter. Very free quantity of cloth is available.

Taana Baana

You will get a 50% discount on all suits in Taana Baana Summer Sale. Which is a great offer. There are suits of every color. There are new styles. I hope. You must have liked the design of all these suits. Pakistan Day is also come. And this designer suit is the best for this day.

The price of the suit is mention with each suit. You can see. Place the order online and the suit will be deliver to you within a day Taana Baana

Un- Stitched Collection 2022

This sale is the most famous of this summer season And this is the first sale of the summer season. You will be seeing all the lawn collections. These are tailor-made suits. If you want to get stitched. So we also have the best tailors. Those who sew suit well.

Pakistan Day Sale

Pakistan Day Sale. You will get a 50% discount on every suit There are great offers. Girls, don’t miss this sale at all and get a suit quickly. This sale will last till March 23. After this, the discount will also be removed which is 50%.

Kids Kapray

We will continue to bring new brand sales for you every day. You also continue to support us in this way After that you can also order kid’s clothes online.