Top Kids Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2024

KidsKapray has come with “Top Kids Clothing Brands” in Pakistan with their masterpieces. People often search for top kids’ wear brands in Pakistan but they do not get authentic results just because of a lack of research content writers. On the other hand, today you will get each single term detail about all top kids to wear brands of Pakistan.

We also have described each brand separately according to its rank. All brands’ outlets, official stores, year of launch, rating among the public, and trends in people are also given. We have created this list according to the previous month’s sale record & rating of these brands.

Basically, many clothing brands are active in Pakistan. Each brand has its own unique quality and specialty that makes it precious. Some brands are famous due to quality stuff on the other hand many brands are trending due to their affordable price. However, a successful & top-rated brand must contain both these quality & affordable price features to get indexed at the top level.

KidsKapray also has put these brands in ranking order according to quality, price, and trend among buyers. Take a look at these Top Kids’ Clothing Brands of Pakistan 2024

Top Kids Clothing Brands

A mother cares for her baby and wants to buy the best stuff so that the baby can feel comfortable in it. That’s why all kids wear brands’ first priority is to provide style & comfort in baby clothes. This is a list of Top Kids’ Clothing Brands in Pakistan:

  • Junaid Jamshed (J. Kids)
  • Khaadi Kids
  • Outfitters Junior
  • Laam Kids
  • Breakout Kids
  • Diners Kids
  • Hopscotch Junior
  • Minnie Minors Kids
  • Pepperland Kids Wear
  • Rollover Kids
  • Leisure Club Kids
  • Cherry berry Kids
  • Cocobee Kids
  • Mothercare
  • Tippitoes

Top Kids Clothing Brands

We have described each brand with its basic features due to which they are famous among Pakistani parents. Hence stay connected with us to take a tour of famous kid’s wear brands of Pakistan in an authentic article. We have collected this information with several days of research.

Junaid Jamshed (J. Kids)

According to 2021 searches on the internet, Junaid Jamshed (J. Kids) is at the top. That’s why Junaid Jamshed (J. Kids) is in 1st position in our list of “Top Kids Clothing Brands in Pakistan”. Their impressive colorful dresses, high-quality stuff, and never-seen designs make Junaid Jamshed Kids’ wear unique. People love to buy clothes for the kids (girls & boys) for the outlet of J.

Top Kids Clothing Brands - J.

Khaadi Kids

Kidswear by Khaadi is always the best option. There is a huge variety of Khaadi kids wear in the 2024 volume. All Western and Eastern types of clothes such as shirts, tights, shalwar, kameez, and more choices are also available in Khaadi Kids. Hence those parents who want to make the special days of their kids memorable can shop from Khaadi.

Khaadi Kids Store

Outfitters Junior

Being the choice of rich people “Outfitters Junior” is a high-class clothing outlet. The points where you can buy all types of kids’ wear with high-quality fabric. Most people like to buy festive wear for special occasions such as Eid, and Independence Day & casual clothes from “Outfitters Junior”. All major cities of Pakistan have outlets for this brand.

Top Kids Clothing Brands - Outfiters

Laam Kids

Beautiful little girl’s frocks with natural colors are known to be the specialty of “Laam Kids”. If you ever visit the official website of the outlet then you will get to know that all Pakistani traditional dresses for little girls and boys are designed in a unique way to give them a touch of this decade. On the other hand “Laam Kids” provides a wide range of summer, winter, festive, and wedding dresses.

Laam Kids Wear

Breakout Kids

There will be no one present here who doesn’t know about “Breakout Kids”. This is a brand of men, women, boys & girls. Fancy prints & a special range of western dresses are available at the “Breakout Kids” website and outlets.

Top Kids Clothing Brands - Breakout Kids

Diners Kids

Diners’ Kids Wear is a big name in the industry. Wide ranges of traditional shalwar kameez with numerous shades are available at “Diners Kids”.  Colorful boys’ & girls’ shalwar kameez, frocks, pant shirts, tights, boys’ coats, and waistcoats are the top trending items of “Diners Kids”.

Diners Juniors Details


Ranking at number 7 Hopscotch Kids Wear is another brand that can provide a new look to your kid. Yes! Hopscotch offers sale items, accessories, eid collection, 14 August sales, new stuff sale, and other dresses. You can get more details about Hopscotch from their official site link below.

Top Kids Clothing Brands - Hopscotch

Minnie Minors

Boys and girls get ready because “Minnie Minors” is also present in the Top 10 Kids’ Clothing Brands of Pakistan. Initiated its outlets in 1998 is considered one of the oldest and most visited kids’ clothing brands in Pakistan. Minnie Minors is famous throughout the whole country just because of its Western-style dresses. Hence all those parents who want to buy Western stuff for their kids can visit this brand.

Minnie Minors Details

Pepperland Kids

Buy stuff for your 1-4 4-year-old baby and for your 5 to 14-year-old kid from Pepperland at an affordable price. Including frocks and Pakistani girls’ & boys’ wear this brand made a great debut in the field of kid’s fashion. Not only do kids wear PEPPERLAND also offers a wide range of fashion-related items that decorate kids.

Top Kids Clothing Brands - Pepperland kids

Rollover Kids

While talking about the most affordable kids’ fashion dresses “Rollover Kids” comes in the first row. Just because of its quality stuff unique fashion added in western boys & girls’ wear has made this brand a tycoon. Major cities of Pakistan have their outlets present in malls. However, this brand also provides the service of nationwide home delivery at fixed-price shopping.

Rollover Kids Store

Leisure Club

Leisure Club provides dresses for both adults & kids. However, we have to focus on kids’ dresses in this article. According to recent months’ searches, this brand has made improvements in its prices & stuff quality.

Top Kids Clothing Brands - Leisure club


Now buy brand stuff at a low price without any compromise in stuff quality or in design. CHERRY-BERRY provides the latest designs according to new fashion. The basic aim of this brand is to promote Eastern stuff over Western dresses. That’s why you will find the maximum amount of Eastern dresses in Cherryberry. Let’s take a look at this brand’s latest kidswear.

CherryBerry Sale

Cocobee Kids

According to its name, the Cocobee Kids provide stuff for mini girls & boys. The basic age of kids must be 2 years to 8 years. However, there are several dresses that you can buy for your 14-year-old girl or boy. This depends upon the height and health of your kid. Traditional and Western options are available in this brand.

Top Kids Clothing Brands - cocobee

Cocobee has never compromised on its quality and its Kidswear is famous throughout the whole of Pakistan. That is the main reason we have to add this brand to your “Top Kids Clothing Brands in Pakistan 2024” list.


The latest Mothercare Kids Wear is a big source of comfortable stuff for toddling kids. According to the name of this brand, the stuff is also given to provide care & comfort for toddling babies.

Mothercare store


Toddlers’ frocks, girls’ frocks, boys’ pant shirts, tights, pants, shoes, tee shirts, and much more in one place. Yes! We are talking about Tippitoes. Take a look at the official website to get info about the latest kid’s fashion.

Top Kids Clothing Brands - Tippitos

KidsKapray Conclusion

From all the above discussion, we have concluded that in Pakistan there are a number of brands & outlets that provide fashion stuff for toddlers, 2 to 6-year-old kids, and girls & boys. That’s why feel free to visit any of the given brand outlets and make the coming festival precious for your kid.

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