Warda Spring Summer Sale 50% Off 2024

Warda Spring Summer Sale- New Summer Sale This sale is on the new collection. Summer stock is in the three-piece lawn. Shirt fabric is also available in cut pieces. Warda Spring Summer Sale.

As you know. A new sale has also been placed on the Warda brand. As you know. If there is a seal on the sub-brand collection, the seal has also been placed on this brand.

You know a three-piece suit is a shalwar kameez and dobata. There is a printed shirt. In-sleeve full suit. You see how good the designs of the clothes are.

Warda Spring Summer Sale

This is the first sale of the summer season. After that, there are two more collections in June and August. It is better if you shop from this bar’s collection. Why I myself have taken two suits. are very good.

The price is also not much for them. The price of a three-piece suit is 3450 rupees. There is a lawn suit. You can also place an online order. Or whatever city you are from, there must be a shop there. Warda Spring Summer Sale 2024.

Online Sale With Price Detail

This suits Print details. Most of the suits have their price written on them. which is not on the dress. Their prices are in different ranges. Therefore, to know their price and details, you can contact the kid’s clothes sellers.

2 & 3 Piece Suits

Two and three-piece suits. Print suit. This black and blue multi-color suit. Also available in three-piece. And there are also two pieces. The accompanying shalwar and daubta are in the lawn collection.

Warda Summer Shirts

Summer shirts. Most girls are doing it nowadays. Take that shirt brand. They already have trousers, tights, jeans, etc., so they wear these shirts with them and become well-dressed. So I will advise you to take these shirts. Khaadi New Kids sale 2024 with price.

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