ChenOne Winter Sale 2024 | Unstitched Dresses 50% Off

ChenOne Winter Sale 2024 This sale is from the winter collection. You can also do the shopping for your family from this sale. First, let’s talk about the women’s dresses available in this sale. Three-piece suits are unstitch Each suit has a warm fabric that you can easily wear in cold weather. If you want to buy these warm fabric suits, all these suits are available on the official website, I will tell you the link and their price.

Suits for kids are stitch You will find a suit of every size. First of all, I have seen baby girls’ dresses in kids’ clothes The prices of these dresses completely range Talking about boys’ clothes, their dresses are also sewn Which includes shalwar kameez pant shirts available for sale in the sale. If you want to buy winter jackets, jersey, etc for your kids, then you can buy from the Chen One brand.

There are also beautiful dresses for men that are un-stitched In which you will see pant shirts, jackets, shalwar kameez, etc. A pant shirt is mostly use in the winter season and does not feel cold in it. Apart from this, if you want to buy a shalwar kameez for yourself, they are also available for sale.

ChenOne Winter Sale 2024

Now see below how many nice dresses for women are available in this sale It also has two-piece suits with digitally printed shirts In a two-piece suit you will get a shalwar and kameez. Whenever you buy a dress, first of all, check the quality of the fabric This will let you know the quality of the dress.

This sale is online You can easily order suits at home I will write down the price of all these dresses and the quality of the dress Chenone Winter Sale 2024.

PKR: 2,890/-

Pieces: 2 pc


Pieces: 2pc

Price: 2,899/-

Color: Orange


Color: Red

PKR 3,109/-

Pieces: 2pc Unstitched Suit

Piece: 2pc un stitched

PKR: 3,109/-

Color: Green Shirt

Price: 2,898/-

Pieces: 2pc unstitched suit

Pieces: 1pc

PKR: 15,99/-

Fancy: Shirt

Color Red

PKR 2,109/-

pieces 2 pc dress

PKR 2,109/-

Unstitched suit

Color orange

Kids Winter Sale

I think we should do the kids’ winter shopping first This is because children feel cold a lot and should be protected from cold. From here you will find all kinds of dresses easily.

PKR 899/-





Men Winter Sale 2024

Now let’s talk about men’s dresses. If you want to get yourself a winter jacket, Chenone Brand is available at a low price. Also, there are suits in every style.






Buy Online

This sale is on the online website from where you will place the order Open this link and order your suit. To See More sales visit the Kids Kapray website home page where many collections are available.

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