Jazmin Winter Sale 2024 Unstitched Collection 50% Off

Assalam Alaikum, today I have brought you a cell collection. Which is the brand name. Jazmin is a very popular brand. It has three-piece and two-piece dresses by Lelan Khaddar Velvet. It will be a three-piece suit of Lelan With that you will be immers He will also be in Lelan But there will be a good print on the full dress Jasmine Winter Sale.

Khaddar will get you a suit in these stitches. Look at this brown suit, its cloth is Khaddar. And with this sale, you will get a 50% discount. So with this discount, you will get Rs 5250 Very cute suit. It is a thick cloth. Khaddar is a cloth.

Apart from this, there is also velvet fabric. Which is very well print have also given pucks. Which you will see and select. Apart from this, you can also use this dress in marriage. It is a completely new collection. Which has been prepa according to today’s choice.

Jazmin Winter Sale

Yes, it is a winter sale. This is the only brand that has not been sold on any other brand yet. Which has been sealed so quickly. If you want to order online. So contact us.

This brand is also famous for having high-quality stuff in the market. Talking about the price, all these dresses start from 5220 And these dresses cost up to 15000. Jasmine Winter Sale

Unstitched Collection

All this collection is in stitch. And from here you can take the cloth and get your custom dress made by a good tailor. For example, handwork to make it good or even better by applying lace. Can be done as prepar in this pack.

50% discount

Now a discount has been give on all of them. Which is a rare offer. There is also a sale and a discount is also give Along with this, let me tell you one more thing. If you will be shopping more than 10000 then you. Home delivery will be given free even if you have a house in any city in Pakistan.

2 & 3 Piece

Yes, all these suits are in two-piece and three-piece. And the price of a two-piece suit is 4000 to 5200 rupees and the price of a three-piece suit is 5000 to 10000. Kids New Winter  These are very good suits. Must try once. If not, you want to order online. So you can also contact Kids Clothes Valve. Thanks,

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