Kids New Winter Collection Sweaters shirts Jackets & Clothing

Hello. Today I have brought it for you. New Kids Collection which includes. Winter clothing which is very cute dresses. They are for children from the age of one month to fifteen years of age. I will tell you the price as well Kids New Winter.

First, you see how good these trousers are. You will find it in every color. I have given some examples. Otherwise, the stoke is very big. B4B is the brand name. You will get these trousers for 299 rupees. All size trousers are available.

You will get a dress for a baby girl from this brand shop. And for boys too. Talking about the price, you will get a dress for a one-month-old baby for at least 800 rupees. And after that, the bigger the kids, the higher the price.

Kids New Winter

It is a completely new collection. Available in this collection. Shirt sweater jacket which is used more in winter. I have mentioned the brand name before that all these dresses are dresses of the B4B brand.

This dress belongs to a 10-year-old boy. Its price is 3000 rupees which is normal and not too much. Double shirt fabric is used. Kids New Winter


You will also find sweaters very good. Look how good this green and white sweater is. It looks like an 8-year-old. You will find a baby sweater for every age. It is worth it. 1100 hundred rupees. It is so thick that it does not feel cold.


From this brand, you will get a jacket upper high neck in very cute colors. whose price will be different. I will tell you about a few. Check out this jacket. It is of a five-year-old child in blue color. Its price is 900 rupees. Hi-necks will also be available for children to wear underneath. The price of which is very low at 200-300 rupees.

B4B Brand

You can also shop online. Apart from this, you will find a shop of this brand in every city of Pakistan. You will get most of the kid’s dresses from this brand shop. I am also giving this post pick so that it will be very easy for you. If you want us. You can also contact Kayseria Winter Collection.

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