Kayseria Winter Collection Sale Embroidered & Printed

Assalam Alaikum, how are you all members, today I brought for you a completely new collection from the sale Kayseria brand Yes, this brand has a completely new collection. These are all winter dresses, Kayseria Winter.

You will get all these suits in three-piece and two-piece These dresses will have print shirts and plain trousers.

Along with this, I will also talk about the price. This is the first suit, which is yellow and has red dots on it. Its price is 3000 rupees.

Kayseria Winter Sale

As you know The summer season is over and winter is coming. So all girls pick winter dresses. I am busy. So I’ll tell you here. Dress up very well. There are dresses.

Now you can see this second dress with the green one above it. It is printed with a black line, how good it is. Let’s talk about the price of this dress. 4500 of Rs. Kayseria Winter

2 Piece & 3 Piece Suit

As many suits as there are in this cell. All are two pieces too. And there are also three pieces. Very cute suits. The price of the two-piece suit starts from 1500. And which is a three-piece suit. Its price starts from 3000.

Quality Staff

The quality of the fabric is very good. Its color does not deteriorate at all. You will find all dresses in stitch. It’s winter stuff. The suit is quite thick and heavy. So definitely take it once.

Kids Kapray

I will tell you that you must have tried all brands of dresses. But now try this brand too, believe me, you will be very happy. Wearing dresses of this brand. Eman Zara New Winter

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