Kayseria Summer Sale 25% Discount 2022

Kayseria Sale- Assalam Alaikum Ji today with a new sale, service has come with Kayseria summer sale, in which you will get women’s unstitched clothes in 3 pieces and two-piece which are printed suits and the price is also very low.

Today you get a 25% discount on every suit in Caesarea Spring Summer Sale. There is an online sale. And all these dresses are available in this sale.

You want to see more ideas or dresses. So I have kept the collection and sales of every brand in Pakistan on my website. If you want, you can get many ideas by looking at them.

Kayseria Sale

Kayseria lawn suite. All the lawn cloth is there, you will get every color suit from this, all these suits are available. The cloth is also dipped along with the lawn. Choose the color yourself. There are many color suits in three-piece and two-piece.

If you want, you can also order from us. We will take it and sand it on your dress. Or there is a shop of the Kesaria brand in every major city of Pakistan. If you want, take the suit from there.

color: White

3 Piece Suit

Rs. 7,492/-

Prent Marina

Price: 5,224/-

Off White

Lawn 2 piece

Rs. 3517/-

color Black

Multi Rent Shirt

Price: 3141/-

Lawn suit

The lawn suit is full of hits. Very nice print. You can also get a dress for your family if you want. In this you will be given a special discount.





Summer Sale

Summer Sale 2022. Many designs have also been made on the suits so that you can see how much better the designs are. If you want, you can make this design on your dress as well.





24% Discount

You will also get a 24% discount on every suit. This will get you a good suit for less money. What could be better than this for kid’s clothes.

Kayseria Kids 

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