Saya Mid Summer Sale 40% Off 2023 – With Price

Saya Mid Summer Sale has been installed This is 2023 and the third summer sale of the summer season. The shade given by the brand. Saya in an unstitch dress lawn

A 40% discount has been given on the sale of the saya brand. We have given you this special discount in the Mid of Summer. There is an online sale. Price and details are given. There are three-piece suits at a reasonable price

Before that came the sale also gave them and many customers shopped and got a good response. So I thought I would inform you about this sale too, so don’t delay, along with the pics of the dresses, I have also informed you about the suit and all its details including the price. Order now from your mobile.

Saya Sale

A suit of saya brand Its cloth is very long by the meter Take a suit from the general market, see the length of its fabric and also see the brand suit that will be the suit of the brand. Its fabric will be very thick which will make a comfortable suit. Saya

These suits can be worn at a party or at any function. This is why the dress is so awesome. It is definitely wearable in function It will get you a discount when you take it away.

Printed Lawn 3 Piece

Rs. 3,499

Digital Print Lawn


Lawn Suit Prent 3 Piece

Rs 3490/-

Rang Black

Printed Lawn 3 Piece suit

Price 3499/-

Color Blue

Summer Sale 2023

There is a summer sale. All the cloth is on the lawn. Lawn cloth in digital print. The advantage of this is that it makes you look like an embroidered design. But it is a nice print suit.

Rs. 3,499

3 Piece Suit Lawn

Rs. 3,499

Print Lawn Suit

3 piece

3 piece lawn suit

Rs. 3,499

Fabric: Lawn

Printed Lawn 3 Piece

Rs. 3,499

2-Printed Premium Lawn Dupatta 2.5M.

40% Off

Don’t delay, shop online now with a 40% discount, click here and you will be taken to the website where you have to order the suit. Khaadi Summer Sale

Rs. 3,499

Lawn Suit

Color pink

Embroidered Dobby Shirt

Color: Black

Rs. 1,850

Printed Cotton Satin Shirt

Rs. 1,350

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