Khaadi Summer Sale 70% Off 2024 With Price

A new summer sale of Khaadi has come yesterday in which two-piece and three-piece suits are available. Two-piece suits have both options, a shirt and a dobata. And the shirt is also shalwar. As you prefer to get a two-piece in-stitch suit. Khaadi

There is a summer sale. We are giving you a dress online sale at a 50% discount, I have also given the link to the official website of Khadi where all these suits are available.

All these suits are unstitched in multi-color with digital print. This print is never damaged. You know the quality of the clothes. How excellent. It also has a lawn cloth. More summer stuff that happens He is on the lawn.

The cell that was given earlier. It has been two months since it was given up to 70% discount. That cell has expired. And today the new summer sale started which has up to 50% off.

Khaadi Summer Sale 70% Off (Shop Online)

Khaadi brand comes in the most famous brand in Pakistan. It is better if it is compared to a clothing brand. This does not mean that all brand collections are not good. All is well But it has its own identity. Khadi New Summer Sale 2024

you know It has been launched in the market yesterday. And many orders are coming online. From Pakistan and from around the world. So you can order today Khaadi.

Fabrics: 2 piece Lawn print top dupatta Rs 1,432

Fabrics: 2 piece Lawn print top dupatta Rs 2,023/-

Lawn 2 Piece

Rs. 1,992Rs. 2,490

two Piece

Rs. 2,152Rs. 2,690

2 Piece

Printed Embroidered Lawn Suit | Top Dupatta

Rs. 1,912Rs. 2,390

Summer Collection

Summer lawn Collection 2024 Its name is in the market. On which a discount sale has been applied. The dresses you are looking at. I am sure you will like it. Shalwar Kameez Designs

Fabrics 3 Piece Suit

Embroidered Pure Chiffon | Top Bottoms Dupatta

Rs. 17,992Rs. 22,490

Fabrics 3 Piece Suit

Top Bottoms Dupatta

Rs. 17,592Rs. 21,990

Fabrics 2 Rs

Printed Lawn Top Dupatta

Rs. 1,432Rs. 1,790

Fabrics 3 Piece Suit

Digital Printed | Top Bottoms Dupatta

Rs. 3,245Rs. 6,490

50% Off Sale

50% off sale on Khadi. So don’t delay and order a lawn suit for yourself today, you can also order these dresses from us.

Fabrics 3 Piece Suit

Lawn Suit Top Bottoms Dupatta

Rs. 2,152Rs. 2,690

3 Piece Suit

Digital Printed Embroidered Cambric

Rs. 4,995Rs. 9,990

PKR: 3,990/-

Fabric: Print Lawn

Color: Black

Fabrics 3 Piece Suit

Dress Color Black

Digital Printed Embroidered Cambric | Top Bottoms Dupatta

Rs. 4,995Rs. 9,990

Fabrics 2 Piec

Rs. 2,863Rs. 4,090

Fabrics lawn 2 Piece

Light Khaddar | Top Bottoms

Rs. 1,345Rs. 2,690

Khaadi Shop Online

If you want to shop from the official website, click here and get the suit now.

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