Lulusar Winter Collection 2024 – All You Need To Know!

As you know lulusar clothing brand has launched a winter collection in which all kinds of winter dresses are available and you will find the dress you want in this sale. This sale features the winter collection Log shot sweats which are most worn this season Lulusar Winter Collection 2024.

If you want to shop for Lulusar’s new collection, then you are at the right place. I see many new designs suit for you. First of all, let me inform you about the suits. The three-piece suit is unstitched velvet fabric. & apart from this, if you want to buy jackets, they are also very good, and you will get them at a low price from the sale of the Lulusar brand.

This brand is one of the famous brands in Pakistan. They sell the best quality dresses. If you want to buy pants shirts or tops then this brand is best. The overcoat is the most worn in the winter season, it is a warm garment that is preferred in the cold season.

Lulusar Winter Collection 2024

Lulusar clothing brand is the best, if you want to buy a khadar dress, then that is also available in this sale, velvet, and khadar winter clothes. You will find here all the suits unstitched and the ready-made ones are completely ready to wear.

Most women in Pakistan like to wear jackets and sweaters which you will get from this sale at a 50% discount. This is the first winter sale that was announced on the market yesterday Lulusar Winter Collection 2024.

PKR 4,109/-

PKR 5,109/-




Velvet & Khaddar Dresses

These suits that I have given are all in velvet and khaddar, their price is quite low and they are also unstitched. I am sure you will like it. Design and color you can select all suits are an available online website and the official brand shop also.

PKR 3,190/-

PKR 2,190/-




PKR 2,209/-


Overcoat jacket & Sweaters

Yes, all this collection is available, the price of which is also very low, the same dresses are use more in winter. And this is the best winter collection.

PKR 3106/-





Buy Online

This sale is online now open this link and start shopping. Kids kapray will continue to bring you new collections as always.

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