Khaddi Winter Collection 2024 (Unstitched)

Assalam Alaikum as you are listening A seal has been plac on the carving All the dresses are very good to look and they are sewn suits. And all the suits are in print. I have also given a pick of each suit. And its price is also give below Along with this, I have given you a discount on all the suits because of the sale. These are all suits. You can wear them in winter and use them in summer. Khaddi Sale

I know how they are like this if it is summer clothes. You can use it in the cold so that you can use it even by wearing a jersey etc. No particular problem. Winter is coming. And this dress is like summer. Nothing happens, take it. I have also told the method. As you can use. Apart from that, you can see how good the fabric is in all the suits. And the print is also fantastic. Which is exactly in line with the choice of today’s girls.

Let’s go now. Let’s talk about all the dresses. And what are their price and clothes? Let’s talk about it. Now you can see the same dresses whose prices start from 1250. Ahead is the Price until 2050. Absolutely low price. The same suit will start from 3000 rupees if you find it apart from the sale. And believe me, you will get the same dress for 6000 to 7000.

Khaddi Sale

Now coming to their price. Yes, please take a look at the first suit. The color of this dress. Goff is a white color shirt. And his shalwar is dark blue. The shirt of the dress. Above it is print in sky color. Shuttle lace is attached to the top of the arm.

The stitching is also neatly done and looks quite good. If we talk about the price, then something. It is not too expensive. 1250 rupees bag sale of Khadi brand valve Khaddi Sale.

Color: Blue

Khaddar 3 piece

PKR: 2443/-

Khadder Suit 3 pc

PKR 2443/-

Color Mehroon


Color Khaadi Blue Digital Printed

Unstitched 3 Pc

PKR 2543/-

Unstitched Suit

Pieces 3 Pc


PKR 2443/-

Big Discount

A big discount has been give You know yourself. When the suits of the brand have been found for 12 hundred. This has never happened, but believe me, it is happening now. You can see the price of the dresses below.

From 12 hundred to more than 2 thousand suits are being give And at the same time let me tell you one more thing. If you have done shopping up to 5000 then you will get home delivery completely free. No matter where you live in Pakistan.

Unstitched Collection

All suits are un-stitch But it also has an advantage. Let me tell you when you will get an in-stitch suit. So don’t take it for granted. I will sew it separately. On the contrary, I will sew a suit of my choice from this cloth. Do it in style if you want.

Get it ready. If you want, you can get the shalwar kameez style ready. Or get it done in lehenga style. This is the goal. There are many benefits of buying cloth only to tell.

Winter Sale 2023

And you see all the suits. Check this one. This is a slate color with a black border. Half of the arm is of black color and half is of slate color. There is a black color lace seen below the skirt. I personally liked one of these suits the most. It is this one. The orange color on this suit. The dots are attached. It has a price. 1740 Rs House Of Ittehad. Winter Sale 2024 With Price.

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