House Of Ittehad Winter Collection 2024 70% Off

Hello dear viewers, how are you Today I have found a new collection for you. whose name is itihad brand has a very good collection. All the dresses are in print. This is what all women want. The dress is so cute that you can even wear it to a wedding. So let me tell you that this dress is completely wedding-like. You can wear it House Of Ittehad Winter Collection 2024.

After that, I will tell you the price of all these dresses as well as the quality of the clothes. Yes, if you see the first day, it is a green lawn suit. On top of it, a bordered line is printed in three or four colors to create a beautiful look. Its beauty has been further enhanced by the use of netted lace. If we talk about its price. It has a price. 3499 rupees is not much price affordable.

Check out this black color suit with a red color and an off-white color print design inside. Full print is seen on top of this dress. From the neck to the bottom of the suit. Also above the wings. The same design has also been adjusted on the sleeves by printing it small. Which Taylor. The stitching is also very cute, and the skirt and sleeves are also laced. The price of this dress. 3199 Rs. After that, look at the other suits. All these dresses are in two pieces and three pieces. First, we talk about three-piece suits.

House Of Ittehad Winter Collection 2024

All the dresses of the Itihad brand are very cute and colorful. The winter collection has arrived Every brand has arrived. So today I am also writing on Ittihad Collection. I have also written the price of all the dresses on the pick. Look from there if you want. Or if you want, look here.

Now on to the next suit which I like the most. I like this sky blue suit very much. You should also try it. Her dress is multi-colored. At least five colors have been used. The price of this dress is 3499 Rs. House Of Ittehad Winter Collection 2024.

Fabric: Khaddar Pieces: 2PC Unstitched PKR: 3,592/-

Color: White Fabric: Khaddar PKR 3,192/-

Fabric: Khaddar Pieces: 2PC Unstitched PKR: 3,592/- Color Green

Fabric: Khaddar Pieces: 2PC Unstitched PKR: 3,592/-

Color Yellow Fabric Khaddar Unstitched Suit 2Pc PKR 3,199/-

Luxury Three Piece

There are dresses in three pieces there are luxury suites. It is Khadar cloth. Cotton cloth. All those dresses that are dipped. It is also very colorful and bright. Now come on. On another dress that has color. yellow The dress that is dipped. It is full of dark yellow. Its upper print color is from the hem to a little above the neck, there is no print above the neck. Let’s talk about its price. So 3199 Rs.

New Arrivals 2024 Ittehad

The entire collection of this whole collection is completely new. I have also told you their price. The price will be their fax. And the price written on each suit will be the same. Nishat Linen Dresses If someone likes the dress. has come So don’t delay any longer. And contact us. Take it online and we will send it to you. at your given address.

Ladies Fancy Party Dress

All these dresses are very fancy. And you can use it at any party. Why its price is also normal And the dress is also very cute. You will judge by looking at the puck. It will also be available online. And Etihad brand shop in Pakistan. be anywhere. After seeing the pick of these dresses, you will take it

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