Nishat Linen New Winter Collection 2022

Hello. how are you all Hope it will be from Christ. Now you know. The winter season has started. And all the dresses of Pakistan have brought new collections. in the market. In Nishat, brand dresses are also available. I will tell you a little about these dresses. If you have used every brand in Pakistan, then check the dresses of this brand once. You will know the difference. Nishat Linen

Not all suits will be tailored to you. Rather, you have to save yourself. You will get all the suits in two pieces and three-piece. The dupatta is a very cute printed dupatta. Let me tell you about the two pieces first. It will be accompanied by a shirt and trousers. There will be no dupatta. There will be a complete suit in three pieces. Believe me, there are very cute dresses. Totally new collection in the market.

Prize for all these dresses. I will tell you as well. This is the first dress. Phil is in a three-piece. Brown is its color. You can see for yourself. How cute is the upper print on it? The full print is from the neck to the hem. Different flower petals are also made on top of the dupatta through the front. And let me tell you its price. It is also written on it. I will tell you. 7990 is its price.

Nishat Linen Sale

After that, come to the next suite. The next shoot is black color. This black color suit has white color dots on it. And that is trousers.

It is of an off-white color. And there are big dots of white color. I will also tell you its price. Its price is 5990 rupees. Nishat Linen

All Dresses Detail

And that’s all the dresses. I will also tell you their details. Yes, look at the next suit, how cute it is. Yes, the blue one. whose dupatta is black. See how well the stitching is done. Round are his arms. The neck of the dress is made in a cut style. If we talk about its price. It has a price. 7990 Rs.

Discount & Price

Let me tell you one thing the price of all these dresses will be fixed. No reduction will be made. And no concession will be given. If you like any of these suits. So you can contact us and order online.

printed Suits

All suits that are. They are all in print. Some of the shalwars are simple. You will judge the rest. All the dresses are in beautiful print. Select one dress from all these dresses. And go to Nishat brand valve shop and this dress. get it Have to order online.

So that’s the way. Go to the official website of the Nishat brand and order money. They will send your suit to your given address. And along with the address, you must give your number Bareeze Man

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