Qalamkar Eid Collection 2024 With Price

Qalamkar Eid Collection 2024 – Coming to the next famous brand of Pakistan where the New Eid Collection 2024 is being sold. In which women’s and men’s Eid suits are being sale. Which will be give to you, especially for this festival. So you should do your Eid shopping right now in June.

First, let’s talk about women’s dresses in detail. Three-piece and two-piece dresses for women will be given to you. Which will also be in unstitch and the stuff of these dresses comes in the luxury collection 2024. Which are provided to your customers to wear on special Eid. If you also want to buy a luxury lawn dress for Eid, then take this suit in front of you.

Similarly, there are men’s dresses which are shalwar kameez, pajama, and other new style dresses. Which have been specially prepared on the occasion of Eid. You can often wear a waistcoat over these dresses. You can wear a black waistcoat over a white suit that will give you a brand. Apart from this, you will see more unique colored dresses.

Qalamkar Eid Collection 2024

Women’s suits are all in unstitch, the stuff of which is different, the stuff of a suit is in the lawn, besides embroidered dresses are net chiffon and others. Which are specially prepared for the summer season. In summer it is best to wear a suit of soft and breathable material.

Qalamkar brand has launched the summer and Eid collections 2024 together, the advantage of which is that if you do your Eid shopping now, your spring-summer shopping will also be done at the same time. The advantage of this is that both festive suits will come at the same price. So why not visit the online store now and do Eid shopping for yourself?


Rs 24,990/-

PKR 24,990/-


Rs 24,990/-



Rs 14,500/-


Kids Kapray Conclusion

All the dresses are now available from the brand’s shop and online store. Open the given link and select for yourself what kind of dress you will wear this Eid. I will give the details of the upcoming New Eid Collection 2024 of all the brands of Pakistan. Whether it is children’s dresses or women’s and men’s dresses, we will tell you the details and prices.

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