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Tawakkal Eid Collection 2023 Sale Upto 50% Off With Price

Tawakkal Eid Collection 2023 – Today I will inform you with details about New Brand Eid Sale 2023. Three-piece and two-piece dresses are being give at reasonable prices. You already know the name of the brand. Today, discount lawn dresses for girls will be sale here. Eid dresses are on sale and many women have bought suits from this brand.

The brand will be selling women’s men’s and children’s dresses this Eid. You can buy any cut of dress you want. I will give you the official link to the brand. Apart from this, you can also visit the brand’s shop. Whose shop is in every big and small city of Pakistan?

By the way, this brand has been selling its collection in Pakistan for a long time. But now it has launched its new Eid collection in the market, which has given a discount of up to 50%. Tawakkal brand is also selling men’s dresses. The stuff of which is washin and wear and cotton.

Tawakkal Eid Collection 2023

You can see how well the women’s dresses are creat. Everyone who wears this dress on Eid will ask you the same question, which brand of suit is it? The price is also a little and the dress is also the most perfect. The stuff of this suit is on the lawn and the design you are seeing. These are made from graphics or digital prints.

When the cloth is made in the industry, its color is only white. After that it comes to another process then it is give a different print and color. Lawn luxury dresses are made with different designs through embroidery. Which are called luxury dresses.



Rs: 3,898/-

Rs: 3,987/-

PKR 3,987/-





50% Off

Yes, there is a 50% discount on these lawn dresses along with children’s and men’s dresses. A discount is also give to them. I have not given their concept etc. here because I was giving the details of the women’s collections only.

To shop from the online store, click here to shop from the website’s online store. Eid sale 2023 of other brands is also available on the home page of our website. If you want, visit them too.

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