Sana Safinaz Sale Rs 2990/- Each Suit

Sana Safinaz Sale- Assalam Alaikum, I have taken it today. Totally New Collection Sana Safinaz is the price of all suits. 2990 rupees in this collection there are 200 different color suits. If you like any of these suits, you can take them. for the Price I have already told you. It is also being sold online. Sana Safinaz Sale.

The print on all these suits is very well done. You can use it in the winter season. The fabric is very thick. All suits are in three pieces.

I like this orange suit very much. It is a three-piece suit and its dupatta is also orange in color. There is a pico on top of the skirt. Therefore, its beauty has increased. The suit is fit on the border. And the same is use on the sleeves of the lace suit. The design of the neck is excellent.

Sana Safinaz Sale

The new collection of the Sana Safinaz brand has come on the market on November 19. And these suits have made a name for themselves in the market. A special friend told me too. Sir, the brand I heard of is the Safinaz brand. Write something about it. So that’s why I came to tell you. Good fabric.

Perfectly suits the winter season. Can be worn in winter. These dresses come in different colors. Price is everyone’s same. Sana Safinaz Sale.

Price – 2990

Yes, I have given all the suits with pictures in this post. The price of all these is 2990 rupees. Apart from this, no shortage will be presented. 2990 will be the fixed price. Not much. It is totally within your range.

3 Pieces & Unstitched

All suits are in three pieces. And all the suits are in this stitch. You will take any dress. So Salona you will have yourself. Why do they come in these stitches? So this is the special reason. Most people also demand. And if the suit is in tailoring, it does not suit women well. Therefore, most suit you in this stitch. will get from the market.


All these suits are present online. And apart from this, Sana Safinaz shop is also a shop in every city of Pakistan. Pakistani Girls Dresses designs 2022

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